The low ​threshold of gamified methods ensures high ​accessibility, low performance pressure and a high degree of freedom and unrestricted thinking.


Storytelling is powerful. Fullstop.
Collaboratively collecting ideas, dreams, visions, thoughts, and concepts through narrative thinking is becoming more popular for a reason.



Unfolding Stories is the perfect tool for a playful learning experience!
It has been used in many schools to enhance student engagement and to explore writing in new ways.

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Spark fresh ideas!

Ideas are out there, but sometimes they are hidden, and hard to unbound. 
Stories can help to unleash ​creativity!

Creating visions together!

Having a hard time creating a common vision for your project? Unfold the potential of you idea through storytelling.

Explore new ways!

Revealing hidden narratives is powerful. 
It's dangerous, in some sense. 
Are you ready?

Inspire & get inspired!

Inspiration is a key aspect of life.
In business, education, or just for fun - get ​inspired!


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Write your own story now!

The free-to-play version includes all features to write and explore stories for fun!

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How to play

Create your own story, continue existing ones, or browse through the public library of finished stories.


  • Choose a headline for your story. The headline will be visible to all plays throughout the game. It sets the stage for the story - choose wisely!
  • Kick off the story with a good first line. You can leave a sentence half-finishied to ecourage others to continue. Try to be inspiring!
  • Decide how long you want to play. The length of each story is deterimned by the number of lines written.
  • Public or private? Public games will be accessible for everybody in the JOIN STORY section. When finished, it will be stored in the PUBLIC LIBRARY.
create new story


  • All stories created in PUBLIC mode are available to be continued by everybody around the globe.
  • The headline gives you an idea what the story is about.
  • A progress bar indicates how much has already be written in each story.
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  • Here you can find a collection of all finished stories written in PUBLIC mode.
  • In each story, the colors represent different authors.
  • You can switch through individually created stories using the arrows at the top.
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Noah Bruns

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Markus Zorn

Everything artistic 
and everyhing else

Start writing your story now!

Feel free to play just for fun or contact us regarding additional features!



Frequently Asked Questions and fun facts about Unfolding Stories

Is Unfolding Stories free to play?

Yes. The "just for fun" part of the game is free and everybody can play. Write or read as much as you want.

However, there are some additional features which make Unfolding Stories a valuable tool for education and business. These features have to be unlocked by 

What's Unfolding Stories about?

Unfolding Stories is platform and tool for collaborative storytelling.
It can be played just for fun, or be a valuble addition to a set of methods for team-building, generating ideas, writing user-stories, exploring narratives, etc.

How can I delete a story?

If you accidentally created a story or you came across inappropriate content in an existing story, just send us an email.
Please remember to include the title or URL of the story and the request to delete it.